An Oasis for all people on their spiritual journey



Our vision is to be a visible and vibrant Christian Community providing refreshment of body, mind and soul through fellowship, study, and worship as we grow together in Godís love.


We are an Episcopal Church

In The Diocese of Olympia

Rector: The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel; Bishop,

Diocese of Olympia

Vicar Reverend Joseph Peter Mathews


Deacon: The Rev. Zula Johnston, Deacon Ret.


Bishopís Warden:  Michael Flemming


People's Wardens:  Wendy Huntington


Clerk of the BC: Maureen Smallwood

Bishopís Committee Members:

       Maureen Arnold

       Charlotte Brown

       Tom Brown

       Teresa Gumbs

Treasurer: Tom Brown


Bookkeeper: Charlotte Brown


Contribution Recorder: Lynay Collins

Administrator: Lynay Collins


Musicians:  Michael Gardner; Bob Lolcama; Steve Gaub; Chuck Zimmerman; Prakash Roberts


St Joseph - St. John Episcopal Church;  11111 Military Road SW, Lakewood, WA 98498